Foundations of Our Beliefs

  1. All are created in the image of God and deserve our respect

  2. Each member or seeker has the freedom/responsibility to read and interpret scriptures, which we take seriously, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then to share with the Body so we may all grow in the knowledge of God.

  3. There is unity in diversity. We must love each other as Christ loves us and as God created us,  unique individuals. We must be together—not the same.

  4. We share an open communion table where ALL are welcome and which calls us to unity as we share the same confession of faith that the disciple Peter proclaimed; I believe Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God and I accept him as my Lord and Savior.

  5. We are a community of the forgiven offering forgiveness to the community, of hope offering hope, of faith offering faith, of joy offering joy and above all we are a community of the beloved offering that same love to ALL.

  6. We seek to be like Christ and to recognize Christ in each other and at work in the world.